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CSAT – Cyber Security Awareness Training

This Cyber Security Awareness training course presents basic information about risks to individuals and organizations posed by cyber threats. Also included are some strategies for the mitigation of such risks.

CSTL – Certificate in Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

The CSTL training course provides the key knowledge and terminology about logistics - the front-end of supply chain.

CIFA – Certificate in Finance & Accounting

CIFA is a self-paced online training program, covering the fundamental concepts, terminology and calculations in finance and accounting.

CFPM – Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

The CFPM course covers the key concepts, definitions, and tools used in project management.

CSCF – Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

The CSCF course provides an overview of the supply chain management body of knowledge, including major concepts and processes.

CISCOM – Certified in Supply Chain and Operations Management

The CISCOM course is a comprehensive training program that offers unique value by combining supply chain management, operations management, and …

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