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We offer career Certification in Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Logistics, Warehousing, Inventory Management, and related skills, through online instructor-led and self-paced courses.

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BRASI is a global association providing certification courses in supply chain and logistics management. Strategic and sustainable supply chains are at the core of our programs. Credential verification is included with all of our certifications.

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BRASI’s credentialed training programs lead to high-paying careers in Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Procurement, Demand Planning, Sales Forecasting, Warehousing, Inventory Management, Supplier Relationship Management, Customer Relationship Management and related functions.


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Looking for a single source for all your Supply Chain, Procurement and Logistics certifications? Our Logistics Certification programs are popular for SCM Careers in the following areas:

  • »Supply Chain Management
  • »Logistics
  • »Inventory Management
  • »Transportation, Warehousing and Distribution

Our training courses represent industry trends and best practices. All BRASI certifications are backed by our standard processes, and enhance your career in Manufacturing, Distribution, Procurement, Warehousing, Shipping and Logistics.


CISCOM – Certified in Supply Chain and Operations Management

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

CISCOM Supply Chain Certification is offered in association with experts specializing in Logistics, Procurement, Demand Management, Warehousing Management, ...

Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

CSCF – Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

Our CSCF course is an excellent choice for an introduction to supply chain management. With the expanding role of supply chain management in global trade, careers in procurement, manufacturing, ...


CFPM – Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

The CFPM course provides insightful information pertaining to the tools, concepts, and definitions used by project managers.  The course is designed as an...


CIFA – Certificate in Finance & Accounting

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

The CIFA course is meant for non-financial professionals whose work requires them to work closely with finance and accounting functions and has an impact on their...

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Certification Online

CSTL – Certificate in Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

The CSTL training course provides key knowledge about the processes of shipping, transportation, and logistics. The four modules of the course present the body of...


CPCM – Certificate in Procurement & Contract Management

Choose from Instructor-led and
Self-paced options.

The CPCM course contains the core principles and practices in procurement, inventory management, contract...

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To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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Supply Chain & Operations Management Body of Knowledge (SCOMBOK)

BRAIS’s Supply Chain & Operations Management Body of Knowledge contains the essential skills and the latest trends in supply chain management, logistics, inventory management, warehousing, procurement, manufacturing and related disciplines.

SCOMBOK combines supply chain management and operations management skills since both are complementary to each other in organizing and operating a competitive supply chain.

It enables the professional to understand and implement BRASI’s 4C PRIORITY MODEL that aims at sustainable growth through prioritizing Customer Service, Cash Flow, Cost and Capacity.

The standard ADDIE methodology of curriculum development is followed for all of BRASI’s training courses.

What Our Students Say

The CISCOM certification really helped me to integrate my knowledge as an Industrial Engineer to the supply chain Management and Operations approach. As a professional, I find it important to be always updated on the actual business environment and the problems that face the companies.
Shehryar T., CISCOM
CISCOM Student
The CISCOM training exceeded my expectations, it was current and relevant to my job as a Logistics Coordinator. What I liked most about the program was the various tools created in Excel, which I find very handy in my daily work. The computerized supply chain simulation was a great learning experience.
Catalina Aura C., CISCOM
CISCOM Student

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