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Looking for a one-stop platform for all your professional training and development needs? We at Brasi are currently offering training courses in the following areas
  • »Supply Chain Management
  • »Logistics
  • »Inventory Management and other related skills
We ensure that all our courses align with the latest industry trends and best practices. Our globally recognized certifications will propel your career in manufacturing, distribution, purchasing, shipping, and other Supply Chain domains.

CISCOM – Certified in Supply Chain and Operations Management

CISCOM Certification combines the supply chain management and operations management bodies of knowledge into a single, streamlined training course ...

CSCF – Certificate in Supply Chain Fundamentals

The CSCF course provides an overview of the supply chain management body of knowledge, including major concepts and processes. The course comprises of 4 modules, as follows ...

CFPM – Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

The CSCF course provides an overview of the supply chain management body of knowledge, including major concepts and processes ...

CIFA – Certificate in Finance & Accounting

CIFA is a self-paced online training program, covering the fundamental concepts, terminology, and calculations in finance and accounting ...

CSTL – Certificate in Shipping, Transportation and Logistics

The CSTL training course provides the key knowledge and terminology about logistics - the front-end of the supply chain. The course comprises of 4 modules ...

CSAT – Cyber Security Awareness Training

This Cyber Security Awareness training course presents basic information about risks to individuals and organizations posed by cyber threats ...

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To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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Supply Chain & Operations Management Body of Knowledge (SCOMBOK)

Our SCOMBOK represents the essential skill set for today’s business professional.

It combines supply chain management and operations management skills since both are complementary to each other in organizing and operating a competitive supply chain.

The SCOMBOK skill set enables the professional to understand and implement BRASI’s 4C PRIORITY MODEL that aims at sustainable growth.

The standard ADDIE methodology of curriculum development is followed for all of BRASI’s training courses.

What Our Students Say

The CISCOM certification really helped me to integrate my knowledge as an Industrial Engineer to the supply chain Management and Operations approach. As a professional, I find it important to be always updated on the actual business environment and the problems that face the companies.
Shehryar T., CISCOM
CISCOM Student
The CISCOM training exceeded my expectations, it was current and relevant to my job as a Logistics Coordinator. What I liked most about the program was the various tools created in Excel, which I find very handy in my daily work. The computerized supply chain simulation was a great learning experience.
Catalina Aura C., CISCOM
CISCOM Student