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BRASI Global Affiliates

BRASI CISCOM meets the highest industry standard - ANSI.

BRASI Affiliates and Authorized Training Providers

CTS College of Business and Science Ltd., Trinidad

Established in October 1999, CTS College of Business and Computer Science (CTSCBCS) offers a wide range of programs from secondary to post graduate degree. CTS College has evolved into one of the most respected academic institutions in Trinidad, producing high quality, well rounded professionals to match the capabilities of top graduates around the world.

CTS College offers accredited programs in Business Management, Human Resource, Computer Science, and a wide range of technical certification programs to complement the academic programs.

CTS College of Business and Science Ltd. is BRASI’s Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Trinidad and Tobago.

DU&T Consulting, Lagos, Nigeria

D.U&T Consulting was established in September 2000. DU&T specializes in  Training, Research, Strategic Consulting, Benchmarking, Consulting Outsourcing and Educational Management.

DU&T Consulting is focused on providing high quality Management and Strategic Consulting Services.  DU&T’s consultants have a combined experience of more than 100 years for leadership, management and supervisory skills..

Our proven tools have helped thousands of employees and organizations be more effective, efficient and successful. We look forward to helping your organization ignite its leadership success.

DU&T Consulting is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center for Nigeria.

eNovations Networking and Consulting

eNovations Networking and Consulting is a central resource for globally recognized and accredited training programs in supply chain management and other business disciplines. With its reach throughout the African continent, eNovations clients includes businesses and professional seeking advancement and competitiveness to success in today’s global economy.

Among its many credits, eNovations holds the distinction of being a proud organizers of eduAFRIQUE 2019.

eNovations is BRASI’s Sole Representative for 18 Francophone African countries.

iCapacity Resource, Accra, Ghana

iCapacity Resource is a consultancy, training, development and capacity building institution focused on delivering quality services to its individual client and corporate institutions in West Africa.  iCR’s  focus has been in the provision of Occupational Health, Safety & Environmental Quality trainings and Consultancy services with expertise in the provision of Information Technology (IT)Training, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource and Project Management Trainings and Services.

iCR is dedicated to equipping and assisting professionals that come into contact with us, not only with the best of trainings and consultancy services but with a touch of excellence in the delivery of their mandate and responsibilities. At iCR, we invest in people to deliver at their workplace and on the job, we do this through the adherence of high ethical standards and the provision of an interactive formal education with professionals.

iCR also focuses on providing support to individuals, line and top managers alike who have the responsibility of ensuring quality services are delivered to their clients.

iCapacity Resource is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Ghana.

Infonet Institute, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Infonet Institute, a leading educational and training organization in Dubai, is a Management, Finance/ Accounting, Languages and Soft Skills Training Centre, serving the region since 1999.

The Institute’s focus is on professional short term management courses for working Professionals. Infonet has a significant presence in this segment, and offers learning solutions to both corporations and individuals. Our principal goal is to foster creativity in the professionals, to enable them do new things, instead of simply repeating what has been done before. We achieve our objectives through focused training delivered by our dedicate team of subject matter experts.

Infonet Institute is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Dubai, UAE.

Kattan Training, Palestine

Kattan Training is a professional education provider in Palestine. It aims at serving Palestinian professionals in achieving their goals. Through the long experience in providing CPA, CMA, CFA and CIA review courses, Kattan Training helped many young Palestinian professionals in paving the professional path for a life-long career in the fields of accounting, auditing, financial management and general business and management. In providing the highest quality exam preparation training, Kattan Training uses some of the most popular training materials available worldwide.

As a part of its continuous improvement and growth strategy, Kattan Training has added supply chain and logistics/operations management training to its portfolio. Kattan Training focuses on all topics a candidate needs to master in order to be successful. Courses are conducted by experienced teachers who have a proven history of helping non-native English speakers pass the professional exams.

Kattan Training is a BRASI Affiliate and Authorized Training Center in Palestine.

Liaison College, Ontario, Canada.

Liaison’s  training programs are meticulously designed by professionals in the respective disciplines , to provide students with the skills they need in today’s demanding business environments. The programs are monitored and updated with the help of our Advisory Board.

In view of the increasing need for skilled professionals in the field of supply chain and logistics professionals, Liaison College has joined hands with BRASI to offer the accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management program. The  CISCOM program offers advanced and unique features such as end-to-end coverage of the entire supply chain body of knowledge, hands-on computerized simulations, life-long validity, and much more.

Liaison College is an Authorized Training Center for BRASI programs in Ontario, Canada.

NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan

NED University of Engineering & Technology established NED Academy to cater to educational and professional training needs. For more than 20 years, NED Academy is a renowned name in enabling professionals to attain higher levels of research, teaching, and industrial co-operation, updating engineers with recent developments in Engineering Sciences, Engineering Management, IT and related disciplines.

NED Academy is a BRASI Affiliate and Authorized Training Center in Pakistan.

Olam Bό Lev, Caribbean

Olam Bό Lev’s mission is to support the transformation of businesses through sustainable wisdom and technologies.

OBL is established to provide a seamless product/service to enterprise through the combining of ICT and business management solutions. OBL’s goal is to enable enterprises to become efficient, effective, having the capacity to produce quality products/services for their customers and consumers.

Olam Bό Lev offers high quality, effective management training and consulting services in the Caribbean region. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts who have several years of functional and practical experience, they are passionate about delivery of result-oriented services to their client who occupy different space
and industries.

Olam Bό Lev is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in the Caribbean.

Pakistan Institute of Management, Karachi, Pakistan

Pakistan Institute of Management was set up in 1954 as a non-profit organization with the mandate to “take the lead role in management development in Pakistan“. Over the last 56 years, our mission statement has been, “Progress Through Better Management”.

Since the early 1960s, PIM has been recognized as the market leader in the field of management training and development and to date  we have delivered over 9,000 management training courses, benefiting over 250,000 employees, professionals and entrepreneurs.

We have a long tradition of leading the skills development scene, by introducing the latest management concepts and best practices in Pakistan.

PIM is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Pakistan.

Pediment Consulting, Belgrade, Serbia

Pediment Consulting is a management consulting firm and the leading advisor on financial management. An extensive international experience and linking to international organizations give us strong competencies to partner with clients in all industries in the region of Southeast Europe.

Pediment collaborates with clients to help them achieve high performance businesses, find value growth opportunities and transform their businesses. By providing integrated and customized solutions and recommendations to clients’ current and future issues, Pediment gains long-term client’s loyalty while clients achieve sustainable results.

Pediment’s experience, skilled people and structured approach to business challenges make it a leader in financial and business management services that provides a unique, integrated solution.

PiB Knowledge, Accra, Ghana

PiB Knowledge is the most trusted and reliable training and consultancy provider in the West African sub region, offering world-class bilingual corporate training solutions and services to organizations and individuals across West Africa.

PiB Knowledge is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Ghana.

Select Training and Management Consultancy LLC, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Select Training and Management Consultancy L.L.C. offers soft skills training and management consulting within UAE and in all the GCC nations in topics such as Leadership, Project Management, Strategy Planning and Organizing, Business Writing, Administration and Secretarial, Problem Solving, Coaching and Mentoring, Telephone Etiquette, Sales, Negotiations, Change Management and Cultural Awareness. With soft skills training programs delivered for more than five thousand satisfied clients accumulating several thousand training hours, SELECT is a clear leader when it comes to delivering highly interactive and practical training programs and workshops that effectively improve employee performance.

Our professional partnership adds value to our training programs with internationally accepted certifications.

SELECT’s carefully chosen team of trainers and management consultants come with extensive professional experience and intensive subject expertise, which result in effective training programs, transformed employees and satisfied clients.

Select Training and Management Consultancy is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Six Sigma Solutions Ltd. Cameroon

Six Sigma Solutions Ltd. is a consulting firm specializing in supply chain management and operations management. Strategy and Organizational Transformation, Change Management, and related initiatives.

Six Sigma assists its client organizations in the optimal management of their supply chains and to achieve efficiencies in all sectors of business.

Six Sigma Solutions Ltd. is a BRASI Affiliate and Training Center in Cameroon.

Tamkene Training Center, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tamkene Training Center is an international organization with the size and coverage to service its clients’ needs wherever and whenever required. Tamkene offers a single point of contact administration team, along with a nominated client liaison manager.

Tamkene’s team includes some of the most experienced industry practitioners in the region, who combine international know-how with a firm grounding in the local operating environment. Tamkene takes pride in its investment in professional standards and development opportunities.

Tamkene Training Center is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Tranzmir Express, Mississauga, Canada

Tranzmir Express and Logistics Company is recognized for its experience, quality service and unique multimodal transportation solutions. Tranzmir provides C2C, B2B, & B2C delivering all over Canada and to all international destinations worldwide.

Tranzmir’s Education Division offers training and consultancy in Supply Chain Management, Logistics and related topics.

Tranzmir Express is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Canada.

TSI Consulting, Lagos, Nigeria

TSI Limited was incorporated as a private limited liability company in July, 2003, with the corporate vision of “Complete Solution” in a global arena with strong bias for research and training.

TSI has since grown with training facilities and affiliates in Dubai, Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America. All the heads of our training faculties are experienced, diverse and versatile on major local and global issues.

TSI provides training in Forensic Accounting, Fraud Examination, Banking & Finance, Risk, Management and Supply Chain Management.

TSI Ltd. is a BRASI Affiliate, and Authorized Training Center in Nigeria.

Since its inception in 1981, BRASI has provided education in the field of economics and business management, for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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