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Education and Training for Equal Opportunity

»Global Knowledge at Your Doorstep

Brasi opened its doors to individuals and businesses for training and development in 1981. We have been offering extensive and well-planned pieces of training in the field of economics, supply chain, and operations management. Our core purpose is to help industry professionals and businesses to succeed in an ever-evolving competency in the jobs market. Our cutting-edge training methods and up-to-date knowledge aligned with the latest industry trends and demands put our candidates in the lead amongst other job seekers and competitors in the market.

»Our Organization

Our Board of Directors is the sole authority to look after the governance and administration of Brasi Institute and its Management Review Committee (MRC). However, there are certain domains taken care of by our Program Advisory Council (PAC). These include several academic matters, including:

  • »Learning needs research
  • »Curriculum development and updates
  • »Exam development
  • »Several other activities

The PAC members come from different walks of professional lives. They are stakeholders, employers, academics, subject matter experts, and students. BRASI offers training and professional development sessions worldwide –Thanks to our networks of affiliated organizations and authorized instructors.

Our functions and support staff are at the core of our product delivery and customer services. You can see the evident result of their dedication to our cause by the excellent reviews we received from industry clients and students.

»Our Vision

Education and Training for Equal Opportunity.

»Our Mission

To offer high-quality training to individuals and organizations in the field of supply chain and operations management, aiming for sustainable development.


Supply chain management is the fastest-growing domain in the corporate sector. We aim to equip professionals and businesses with skills and up-to-date knowledge in supply chain management. This will help them create more opportunities to trade and pursue a wide range of job openings.

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