CFPM – Certificate in Fundamentals of Project Management

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Life is all about change – one project after another.

At work, we may need to install new equipment, build, or extend a facility, work with other project teams, and so on. In our personal lives, we may be thinking of home renovation, travel, events, celebrations, and more.

All this requires a particular skill set to plan and perform for success. The CFPM course contains the essentials of project management such as the project charter, work breakdown structure, follow-up tools, and more to help you plan your next adventure!

This course is intended for people from every walk of life who would like to learn the fundamentals of project management, particularly those who work with project teams as a resource, to better understand the terms and concepts used, to support the project more effectively.

The CFPM course is for anyone who wants to become familiar with the core principles and concepts of project management.

You will find detailed information about the training methods, learning resources, suggested schedule, and the criteria for passing the final test in the Student Guide provided at the beginning of this course. If you need further details or have any specific questions, you may contact the Registrar.

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