CIFA – Certificate in Finance & Accounting

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The CIFA course is meant for non-financial professionals whose work requires them to work closely with finance and accounting functions and has an impact on their organization’s P&L. The CIFA course is designed for professionals who do not have an academic or professional background in finance.  This is an excellent opportunity for non-financial professionals, especially in supply chain and management, logistics, inventory management, and manufacturing to enhance their skills and make a greater impact on the overall performance of their business.

CIFA course is offered as a self-paced online course. On-site training is available at certain locations. Please use the Contact Us form for details.

Self-paced courses:
Self-paced courses are reviewed by the students at their own pace and can be started at any time. Course duration depends on the curriculum and is extendable if needed. The module quizzes and the final test are self-administered. A certificate is issued upon successful completion of the course.

The self-paced course includes the following:
1. Access to the online training materials, including downloadable handbooks, exercise files, and other materials.
2. Video lessons.
3. Quizzes.
4. Final Test.
5. Soft copy of the certificate.

Instructor-led courses:
Instructor-led courses are conducted online and on-site. Online courses are presented in three-hour sessions over four Saturdays. Onsite courses where offered are a single-day seminar. Please contact for details.

The instructor-led course includes the following:
6. Access to the online training materials, including downloadable handbooks, exercise files, and other materials.
7. Instructor-led sessions.
8. Quizzes.
9. Final Test.
10. Soft copy of the certificate.

Certificates for all of BRASI’s courses are issued directly from Business Research and Service Institute, USA. There is no difference between the certificates issued for the online courses and the courses held on-site at a physical location. Each BRASI certificate carries a unique ID code and is valid for life.

You will find detailed information about the learning resources, procedures suggested schedule, and the criteria for passing the final test in the Student Guide provided at the beginning of this course – please take a moment to review it.