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Program Advisory Group

Program Advisory Group

Quality, Value and Effectiveness through Collaboration

What is Program Advisory Group?

Advisory Group members are a selection of exceptional leaders in their fields with a diversity of program-related experience and expertise, representing key stake holders, i.e., Employers, Supply Chain Professionals, Students and Academia.

Program advisors identify current and future industry trends and shifts in the skills and knowledge graduates need to meet employer requirements.

Committee members also assist in identifying industry resources, including guest speakers, field placement, co-op and graduate employment opportunities.

Program Advisory Committee members are key liaison between BRASI and the program stake holders.

PAG Roles and Responsibilities

  • > Participate in Curriculum development and enhancement, including:
    • > Learning Needs Survey
    • > Trends and new development in supply chain and operations management
    • > New topics and concepts
    • > Exercises and interactive content
  • > Participate in evaluation and update of assessment instruments.
  • > Provide advice on the technological trends and changes in industry.
  • > Participate in quarterly AG meetings, in person or remotely
  • > Review meeting minutes and provide feedback

Why Join Program Advisory Group?

  • Program Advisory Committee members are key players in the future success of students and businesses
  • Members benefit from serving on PAG through expansion of professional experience, networking with colleagues, and though leadership
  • Members are featured on BRASI web site, showcasing their service to the advancement of learning and professional leadership

Criteria for Joining the PAG?

  • Membership is by invitation
  • Members are required to enter into a confidentiality agreement with BRASI, in compliance with data security and non-compete provisions
  • Affiliates are not required to sign a separate confidentiality agreement for PAG membership

Next Steps

  • Respond to the invitation
  • The PAG Coordinator will be glad to assist you with signing up and on-boarding

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