Aftab A. Khan

Executive Director
Adjunct Instructor, Member BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Mr. Khan has extensive experience in all aspects of supply chain management, across various industries including footwear, engineering, food and beverages, personal products, pharmaceuticals, and global logistics.

He is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, which is the main reason for his role as Adjunct Instructor at BRASI. Aftab is an Instructor Partner for ISCM (formerly APICS), and an Adjunct Instructor for BRASI programs. Aftab holds two technology degrees, an MBA, and professional credentials including CPIM, CIRM, and CSCP from ISCM, CSCM from ISCEA, and ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management from BRASI.

Aftab’s interests include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Computer-based Simulations, and the use of technology in supply chain management.

Dr. Boenisch is founder and principal of Executive Management Consulting (EMC). EMC assists manufacturing companies and service organizations in achieving business excellence.

His roles have included Management Consultant, Director Technical Coordination, VP Operations and President & CEO for the US division of a global equipment manufacturer. Dr. Boenisch is passionate about the TPS, Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma – he is a Black Belt – supply chain management, and business culture.

Dr. Boenisch holds a Ph.D. in Physics from King’s College, London UK, and two engineering degrees from the University of Bremen and the Polytechnic of Bremen, Germany. He also holds a designation as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and the ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management from BRASI.


Dr. Juergen P. Boenisch

Director Lean Training
Member BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Dr. Jaison Mathews

Director, Business Development
Adjunct Instructor, Member BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Dr. Mathews has over 15 years’ experience in the management, training and consultancy in all aspects of supply chain management.

He is a rank holder BS from University of Kerala, India, Master of Business Administration with Honors in dual specialization in Supply Chain Management and International Finance from Don Bosco University, India, and holds professional certifications including CISCC, CIPC, CICCM, CIPM, CISM, CMPO, CEPP, CITL, CQD,  Six Sigma Black Belt, CSCM, and the ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management. He is a Certified Trainer for IATA (International Air Transport Association) cargo and logistics programs.

Dr. Matthews is involved in teaching with National American University (USA) and University of Lincolnshire and Humberside (UK) – UAE Campus, and various community colleges in Canada.

Martin Friedle is a supply chain professional with an engineering background who specializes in understanding, managing and optimizing complex supply chains.

Martin holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and has served in engineering and supply chain positions across several industries. He has major professional certifications to he is credit, including CSCP, CPIM and CLTD from ASCM (formerly APICS),

MicroMasters Credential in Supply Chain Management, and ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management from BRASI. He is an Instructor Partner for ASCM, and an Authorized Instructor for BRASI programs.

Besides having significant process and technology improvements to his credit, Martin has a passion to share knowledge, and regularly conducts training in supply chain management.


Martin Friedle

Adjunct Instructor

Ioan (Rudy) Durkovics

Adjunct Instructor

Mr. Durkovics is a supply chain professional with extensive experience in inventory, logistics, material and warehouse management systems in a multi-client environment.

Mr. Durkovics has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, majoring in Management, Marketing and IT solutions. He also has training in management-accounting related to cost-control. Mr. Durkovics recently received certification in SCM. He gained expertise in 3PL operations by supporting the outsourcing business for companies like AGF, Telus, Maple Leaf, Texaco and the Ministry of Education, as well as providing material planning and logistics management for several manufacturing companies. Rudy has provided vital support in process optimization – standard operating procedure (SOP) development and faze-in procedures management.

Mr. Durkovics conducts certification classes in logistics and materials management, using the latest approach to manufacturing resource planning (MRP) based systems.


Dr. Yue Xi

Member, BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Dr. Xi is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at the Business School of the East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Xi received his Ph.D. degree from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. His research included Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Simulation, and Statistical Analysis.

He is a member of the BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAG), bringing his expertise and insight to the forum. Besides education and training, he is passionate about developing and mentoring students to take on leadership roles in business and industry. He invests his time extensively in student activities and supports them in their pursuit of advanced skills.

Dr. Xi holds a designation as a Certified Management Consultant (CMC), and the ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management from BRASI.

Ms. Sarah Khan has over nine years of experience in teaching, training, curriculum development, project management, grant processing, and community organization. Her experience extends internationally to include a Fulbright Fellowship in Turkey, a teaching practicum in Cuba, and international research conducted and presented nationally and globally.

Completing her honors Bachelors of Arts from Glendon College, York University, Sarah Khan began her study into international education and teaching and applies her advanced communication and program management skills to the management duties of the Registrar.

As BRASI continues to grow, Khan sought her Master’s in Education in Professional and Secondary Education, gaining expertise in strategic planning, community, and stakeholder partnership development, curriculum development, and more. Sarah is currently pursuing her Ph. D. in Education at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland. As a researcher and educator, Khan supports the work of BRASI affiliates in connecting students with tomorrow’s business needs.


Sarah B. Khan


Sameer Sen

Member, BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Mr. Sameer Sen is a BRASI Affiliate and coordinates its growing overseas alliances. He has over 16 years of experience developing distribution channels, international trade, warehousing, and logistics operations. He was recognized as a Super Salesman for his innovative sales promotion techniques at Camlin Ltd.

Mr. Sen specializes in SCM education and contributes to curriculum development for BRASI’s training programs as a member of BRASI’s Program Advisory Council (PAC).

Mr. Sen has a BA, a PG Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management, and a Master of Arts degree in International Trade from IIFT. He also holds professional certifications, including Certified Supply Chain Manager (CSCM), Certified Supply Chain Software User (CSSU), and the ANSI-Accredited Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management (CISCOM).

Mr. Sen is a member of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Toronto Chapter 26 and the Forum for International Trade and Training (FITT) Canada.

Ms. Atiba Khan holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management with concentrations in Accounting and Finance. To her credit, Atiba has several years of work experience with one of the world’s largest banks and also with a global consulting corporation.

To her role as the Associate for Finance and Audit at BRASI, Atiba brings her deep understanding of financial processes with a keen eye for details, important for audit and analysis. Additionally, Atiba provides advice on business-related matters, including strategy and international collaborations.

Atiba supports the BRASI team in streamlining business processes, ensuring compliance to the relevant rules and regulations. Her extensive experience in customer relationship management and data analysis contributes to various aspects of BRASI’s training programs.


Atiba B. Khan

Associate, Finance and Audit

Atif Ahmed

Member, BRASI Program Advisory Council (PAC)

Atif Ahmed is the founder and CEO of Supply Chain Rising Pakistan, an organization dedicated to Supply Chain Management training and consulting. He is a visiting faculty member for several institutions of higher education.


Atif has over 24 years of experience in all areas of supply chain management, particularly international trade and logistics, across various industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals. Mr. Ahmed has held senior positions with a P&L role in several core functions with major multinational corporations. He has traveled to many countries for business.


Supply Chain Rising is a BRASI Affiliate and Authorized Training Provider in Pakistan.

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