Supply Chain Skill Courses

We brings to you the skills necessary to keep your supply chain agile and aligned with your business strategy.


Economic Order Quantity

In this course, you will find detailed explanation of the concepts, formulas and calculations related to economic order quantity.


Inventory – Safety Stock

In this course, you will find a detailed explanation of the explanation of the concepts, formulas, and calculations to determine the appropriate amount of safety aimed at balancing customer service and cost.


Cycle Counting Process

In this course, you will learn about ABC Classification of inventory for prioritization, and running a process for periodic cycle counting to ensure inventory accuracy on an ongoing basis.


Procurement – Spend Analysis

In this course, you will learn how a properly designed Spend Analysis can help identify areas of improvement in the buying process, secure the supply of critical materials, leverage volume buying, limit maverick spending and monitor implementation of procurement policies.


Pick, Pack & Ship Process

In this course, you will learn about the steps involved in this key warehouse process, with useful insights and guidelines.


Sales Skills

Success in selling, similar to other areas, comes with improving the required skills and working with persistence. In this course, you will find useful strategies and tools to make your selling efforts more effective and get better results.


Business Meeting Skills

Effective use of time is the key to success, and this is even more important when a number of people collaborate, such as in a business meeting. In this course, you will find helpful tips and guidelines on conducting or attending business meetings effectively, to achieve better outcomes.


Personal Communication Skills

In personal life, better communication helps build lasting and mutually supportive relationships. In this course, you will very helpful information and insights about personal communication, leading toward better relationships.


Emotional Intelligence

In this course, you will useful information and practical skills which can lead you to a better control over your emotions in a social or work situation for better results and respect.


Presentation Skills

In this course, you will helpful information and skills that you can practice making your presentations more effective, thus leading to achieving your and your team’s objectives.

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