CISCOM – Certified in Supply Chain & Operations Management


The CISCOM course is a comprehensive training program that combines supply chain management, operations management, and logistics management into a single, integrated course. Accredited under the ASTM Standard E2659-18, the course covers supply chain management from beginning to end.  The total time commitment is 50 hours, comprising 39 hours of Instructor-led training, 8 hours for self-review, quizzes, and exercises, and 3 hours for the final exam.  The CISCOM Participant Guide contains key information about the program.  CISCOM is the perfect one-window solution for a well-rounded skill set on the subject.

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CISCOM Brochure


CISCOM’s Hybrid training program covers all of the concepts, processes, terminology, formulas, and calculations used in today’s supply chain and logistics function. The CISCOM course includes role play, case study, and hands-on supply chain simulation using state-of-the-art simulation software.

The Hybrid format offers a unique combination of the flexibility and convenience that comes with self-paced learning with the coaching and support of an instructor.

CISCOM Certificate program prepares students for the following job roles:

Supply Chain Manager
Logistics Manager
Distribution Manager
Warehouse Manager
Inventory Manager/Planner/Analyst
Supply Chain Analyst
Operations Manager
And similar roles in Manufacturing, Distribution, and Retail businesses.

What is included

The CISCOM Hybrid course includes the following components:
1. Access to the online training materials, including downloadable handbooks, exercise files, and other materials.
2. Video lessons.
3. Quizzes.
4. Live sessions with an instructor.
5. Video recording of the sessions for later review.
6. Final Test.
7. Soft copy of the certificate.

The certificates for all BRASI courses are issued directly from Business Research and Service Institute, USA. There is no difference between the certificates issued for the online courses and the courses held on-site at a physical location. Each BRASI certificate carries a unique ID and is valid for life.

Course Variants


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