Aftab Khan

Executive Director. Adjunct Instructor, Member BRASI Program Advisory Group (PAG)

Aftab Khan has extensive experience in all aspects of supply chain management, across various industries including footwear, engineering, food and beverages, personal products,  pharmaceuticals, and global logistics.

He is passionate about learning and sharing knowledge, which is the main reason for his role as Adjunct Instructor at BRASI. Aftab is an Instructor Partner for ISCM (formerly APICS), and an Adjunct Instructor for BRASI programs. Aftab holds two technology degrees, an MBA, and professional credentials including CPIM, CIRM and CSCP from ISCM, CSCM from ISCEA and ANSI-accredited CISCOM – Certificate in Supply Chain & Operations Management from BRASI.

Aftab’s interests include Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, Computer-based Simulations and use of technology in supply chain management.

    Since its inception in 1981, BRASI has provided education in the field of economics and business management, for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

    To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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