Welcome to BRASI. Our CISCOM training program is geared towards improving day to day operations in alignment with business goals and objectives.

Why hire CISCOM Certificate Holders?

The learning objectives of CISCOM training program focus on continuous improvement through the use of concepts and methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. In addition to learning the principles and practices in supply chain and operations management, candidates practice decision making on supply chain simulation software, which sharpens the analytical skills, linking the actions to their P&L impact.

BRASI Internship Program:

The internship program matches industry needs for fresh ideas and short-term staffing needs with the students who seek work experience and apply their knowledge. The candidates are pre-selected, based on their performance and interests. This is a complimentary service, with no cost to the employer or the student.

Supply Chain Interns Available

BRASI Advisory Group

BRASI Advisory Group represents stakeholder interests in the development and monitoring of curricula and assessment instruments.  Join the Advisory Group and help shape the future of our training programs. Details can be viewed on the Advisory Group Memo (link to pdf).

Certificate Verification

If you need to verify a candidate’s CISCOM certificate, then please use the form below. Candidates’ name and certificate ID is required for verification. We do not disclose any other information about the candidate except the verification, as per our Privacy Policy which can be accessed from our home page.