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The CISCOM course is a comprehensive training program that offers unique value by combining supply chain management, operations management, and logistics management into a single integrated course. In other words, the course covers supply chain management from beginning to end.  The CISCOM course content is based on industry research and is updated regularly, reflecting the latest trends and best practices. The course is regularly maintained and upgraded in accordance with standard ADDIE methods, and based on feedback from industry professionals and former students.  Total time commitment is 50 hours, comprising 39 hours of Instructor-led training, 8 hours for self-review, quizzes and exercises, and 3 hours for the final exam.  The CISCOM Participant Guide contains key information about the program. Hover over the following link to open the document:  CISCOM Student Guide 2020 The following glossary contains the key terms and concepts from the Supply Chain & Operations Management body of knowledge:  Glossary of Supply Chain & Operations Mgmt Terminology Please contact your instructor or email the Registrar at sarah.batool@brasi.org.

Course Currilcum

    • Module 1: PLANNING 00:00:00
    • Assignment Module 1: PLANNING 10, 00:00 IMPORTANT: Documents required 365, 00:00
    • CISCOM Quiz Module 1: PLANNING 00:30:00
    • Module 2: ORGANIZING 00:00:00
    • Assignment Module 2: ORGANIZING 10, 00:00
    • Quiz Module 2: ORGANIZING 00:30:00
    • Module 3 DELIVERING 00:00:00
    • Assignment Module 3: DELIVERING 10, 00:00
    • Quiz Module 3: DELIVERING 00:30:00
    • Module 4: GROWING 00:00:00
    • Assignment Module 4: GROWING 10, 00:00
    • Quiz Module 4: GROWING 00:30:00
    • CISCOM Exam Guide 00:00:00
    • CISCOM Practice Exam 01:30:00
    • Course Evaluation Form 00:00:00

Since its inception in 1981, BRASI has provided education in the field of economics and business management, for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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