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Suggested Schedule for Self-paced Courses
CIFA is a self-paced online training program, covering the fundamental concepts, terminology and calculations in finance and accounting. This course is intended for professionals with a non-financial background, in order to help them better understand the financial aspect of their function, for example supply chain management, manufacturing, logistics, inventory management, project management and others.
Learning resources include the following:
  1. Interactive training slides with voice over.
  2. Handbook for each module, downloadable and print-ready.
  3. Quiz, included in each module.
  4. Test
  5. Downloadable and print-ready certificate.
Tutorial session with an instructor can be scheduled if needed. Please send an email to the Registrar at email address sarah.btoool@brasi.org for details. Further details are provided in the following document:
Self-paced Training - Student Guide

Course Currilcum

    • CIFA Student Guide 00:00:00
    • CIFA Module 1 00:00:00
    • CIFA Module 2 00:00:00
    • CIFA Module 3 00:00:00
    • CIFA Module 4 00:00:00
    • CIFA Test 01:00:00

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