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The CFPM course provides an introduction to project management, including the key concepts and processes. The four modules present the body of knowledge in a progressive manner, with the necessary details and notes. The course contains the following learning resources.
  1. Interactive training slides with voice over.
  2. Handbook for each module, downloadable and print-ready.
  3. Quiz, included in each module.
  4. Test
  5. Downloadable and print-ready certificate.
Tutorial session with an instructor can be scheduled if needed. Please send an email to the Registrar at email address sarah.btoool@brasi.org for details. Further details are provided in the following document:
Self-paced Training - Student Guide

Course Currilcum

    • CFPM Student Guide 00:00:00
    • CFPM Module 1 00:00:00
    • CFPM Module 2 00:00:00
    • CFPM Module 3 00:00:00
    • CFPM Module 4 00:00:00
    • CFPM Test 01:00:00

Since its inception in 1981, BRASI has provided education in the field of economics and business management, for the benefit of businesses and individuals.

To offer high quality training for individuals and organizations in supply chain and operations management, aiming at sustainable development.

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